Facts about the Different Religions around the World

As you all know, there are too many different religions around the world. Each religion believes and insist that it is right and others are wrong. There are Christians, Buddhists, Jewish, Atheists, Hindus and so on. There are those who belong to Catholic churches and Protestant Churches. Since there are too many different churches and beliefs, many people are already confused on where they have to go. Some just listen when others preach to him or her while others totally ignore to listen for a short time.

One of the surprising facts about religion is that Hinduism was believed to be the oldest religion among other religions. In fact, it is the third largest with over 900 million followers. The number is almost one billion. In America, a large number of people believe in the existence of God and that they also believe that He is the One who rules over the whole world. Among the books that was published, the Bible is still the bestselling book all over the world. A bible is a book that must always clean as it is holy. So you must also apply this for your home cleanliness, visit the website of this famous cleaning industry to help you. They have the best service of cleaning.

In the 9th century, the Muslims already had the first theory of evolution. At that time, a  person named Al-Jahiz wrote about the evolution of animals for survival in their environments. There are some people who still say that they believe in God though they don’t actually belong to any religious group.  With regards to the Buddhism religion, the Buddhists do not believe in gods just as what most people think of them. Look over this sweeping service company more details. Rather, they believe in peace and life after death.