Interesting Facts you should know about Islam

The topic about religion is very vast. And religious leaders from all over the world are having a debate about this. Both Christians and Muslims for example usually compare each other’s religion. In this article, it focuses on some of the facts about Islam. The word “Muslim” actually have its own meaning. Do you know what it means? It means “anyone who peacefully surrenders to God”. Those who follow God’s natural law are known as Muslim which Muslims believe it is because they follow God’s will.

The doctrines or beliefs of the Christians from that of Muslims is different. For example, in the case of Abraham when he offered his only son Isaac, the Muslims believe that it was Ishmael who was sacrificed. They based it on the Quran. Another surprising fact is that most Arabs are actually Muslims. However, most of the Muslims are not Arabs. Whether you believe it or not, Mary, known as the mother of Jesus, is mentioned many times in the Quran than in the entire New Testament.  Delicious meals are being serve here. Try to view more from here. They have great foods here.

In addition to the doctrines of Muslims, they do not believe in the concept of original sin, so they don’t believe that Jesus had to be sacrificed. Also, Muslims believe that people will be held accountable for their own sins. Did you know that they use their right hand only for eating and drinking? The left hand is reserved for personal hygiene and is considered unclean. Another surprising fact is that Algebra, from the Arabic al-jabr, actually  originated in the Islamic word which means “the reunion of broken parts.”