An Anglo-Catholic Vicar

William Haslam was originally an Anglo-Catholic Vicar. But before he had that title or position, his early days was not a  good story to tell. It was because of his severe illness that almost killed him. As he was a very religious person since his youth, there is a book which he constantly read. He wanted to comfort himself by reading the Prayer Book. After some years later, he had the thought of devoting his life to God after he recover from his severe illness.

He started to walk the religious path after his health improved. Since he had decided to devote his life, there were bishops who examined him and finally, he was ordained. His desire to serve and glorify God became stronger. He actively participated in almost all of the church’s activities not only ecclesiastical but also architectural. In his own standards, he wanted to raise the Church of England. However, he failed to do that and he transferred to the Church of Rome and he was appointed.

He tried his best to work diligently to the Parish of Baldhu. He focused on the artistic works for the church. Though he preach about forgiveness of sins, there was a time when he was troubled thinking of the people outside. He had in mind about the members of the Methodist Church. The preachers of this church also give sermons and emphasize the importance of forgiveness of sins. As the Methodists usually mention about “conversion”, he was greatly disturbed with that thought.