From Death Into Life

Aside from being a former Anglo-Catholic vicar, William Haslam is also considered as an Anglican Revivalist. Through his autobiographies, it allows everyone to know about those who were led to Christ during his ministry. He was actually about to be married when he received a letter that says his fiancee is dying. Because of this unexpected and very sad news, he became ill especially when he already saw his fiancee during the funeral. The doctors who examined him gave a diagnosis that he wouldn’t recover from it.

Despite the fact that he already knew he wouldn’t be able to recover from his illness, he still had a hope that he will survive from his illness. He constantly prayed and read only the prayer book, not the Bible. When there was a plan to restore the Church of England during his time, he applied to be in-charge of a parish in the North of Cornwall. The doctors suggested that it is better for him to stay in that area for recovery.

In the parish where he was in-charge, he received a great responsibility. Since he didn’t know what to do, he first planned to form a choir in his church. From that time, people came to attend services. he found out that he had a talent to restore the church. As he adapted the sermons of Newman, some of the members left the church because they didn’t like to hear of it any longer. And this thing brought great distress to him. But then, he was finally converted.